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XLAB Aero TT System

XLAB Aero TT System

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If you're disgusted every time you get ready for a ride and have to put round water bottles in your cages, which you know are creating tons of drag and slowing you down, then you're the type of person who needs the XLAB Aero TT Cage & Bottle. Featuring 50% less drag than round bottles, which saves up to one minute in an Ironman, the Aero TT system has a full 20 oz capacity and an Easy-Grip groove so you don't drop it. Make your frame hydration more aero with the XLAB Aero TT Cage & Bottle.


•20 oz capacity

•Save up to 20 seconds off 40km TT/Tri

•50% Less Drag than round bottles saves up to one minute in an Ironman

•Special XLAB Hi-Grip Deep Pocket cage

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