Collection: XLAB

We are a family owned and run company based in northern San Diego County, California. We moved to the USA from the UK in 1980 to follow a great high-tech job opportunity. Candice, one of the founder’s daughters is the C.O.O. and Marketing Director of XLAB.

We started the company in 1993 while we also ran a large triathlon and road store in Encinitas called NYTRO that we sold in 2007. San Diego is not only regarded as the Mecca of triathlon, but triathlon also started right here in Mission Bay. Candice still trains for her triathlons in Mission Bay and we actually live on the famed Pro training route through Del Dios Highway and Lake Hodges. We could not be anymore centered in triathlon than right here in San Diego.

We are housed in a very modern facility where we design, prototype and test all of our products. We use all the latest cutting edge tools including 3D modeling, Computational Fluid Design simulation and CAD/CAM drawing. All of our products are assembled in our facility so that we can check that every item is up to our highly respected Quality Control standards. The difference is that most of our competitors simply bring in their products pre-packed from Asia. We do not think this guarantees the highest quality so we do not take this short cut.