This breakdown is helpful for participants to understand the logistics and course details. Here's a summary of the key points:

  1. Registration and Check-In: When participants arrive at the prison gates they will be asked for their names and the list of competitors will be used for check-in. If the driver is not the participant they should provide the participant's name for verification.
  1. Prohibited Items: Firearms and sharp objects are strictly prohibited within the prison. Participants should not bring any items that could be considered dangerous. Vehicles will be searched on arrival.
  1. Parking: Participants will be directed to the parking area once they have passed through inspection at the gate upon arrival. Please follow the instructions of parking attendants to ensure an organised parking process.
  1. Transition Area: The transition area will open at 6:00 AM and close at 7:30 AM. Participants should ensure their helmets are on and securely fastened and their bikes are in good working order before entering the transition area.
  1. Racking: There will be separate areas for the racking of bikes for Mini (sprint) and Maxi  (standard) distances. Ensure you rack your bike in the correct area.
  1. Bike Course: The bike course will have turnaround points for both Mini and Maxi distances. Follow the marshals' instructions and stay on the designated side of the road. This will be elaborated on in the race briefing.
  1. Run Course: The run course involves gravel (short section of not more than 600m) and tarred sections. Mini participants will complete one loop, while Maxi participants will complete two. 
  1. Finish Line: The finish line will be marked and participants will receive their medals there.
  1. Post-Race Area: There will be a designated area for clubs and teams to set up gazebos. Vendors will be available for food and drinks. There will be wine tasting and an announcer for the post-race atmosphere.
  1. Prize-Giving: Prize-giving will occur after the race, with a cutoff set for 12:00 PM or as soon as possible after the last finisher if earlier.
  1. Important Notice: There is natural spring water on site which is strictly out of bounds. This is used to generate electricity and drinking water for the Prison. 


This comprehensive breakdown should help participants prepare for the event and navigate the race smoothly.

05:30 AM: Gates open for competitors.

06:00 AM: Transition area opens for bike racking and setup.

07:30 AM: Transition area closes.

07:45 AM: Race briefing at the water's edge.

  • All participants gather for important race information.
  • Safety instructions and guidelines are given.
  • Last-minute clarifications and questions are addressed.

08:00 AM: Start of the Mini Escape.

  • Participants in the Mini Escape category begin their triathlon.

08:15 AM: Start of the Maxi Escape.

  • Participants in the Maxi Escape category begin the triathlon.

12:00 PM: Prize Giving.

  • The top finishers in each category are recognized and awarded.
  • Medals, trophies, and other prizes are presented to the winners.
  • Speeches from event organisers and dignitaries may be included.

13:30 PM: Event Closed.

  • The official triathlon event comes to an end.
  • Participants, staff, and spectators disperse.