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The VIZI SWIM safety buoy with 28L of volume and a waterproof compartment to store your belongings while swimming will also make you highly visible to other watercraft that share the same area.


PREMIUM LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE – this is strong and well-made 190T Nylon with PVC coated tow buoy and dry bag.

SAFER SWIMMING – be seen be safe. The bright hi-viz ,Pink and Fluoro Green colours are great for visibility in open water making for safe swimming in all conditions.

WHISTLE - The buckle has a built-in whistle for extra security in case you need alert other swimmer, lifeguards or other craft.

WATERPROOF STORAGE – the 28L capacity can hold quite a few items whilst swimming.

EASY TO USE – the waist strap fits easily around any size waist (comfortably to 48inches) and is fully adjustable for a snug fit. The tether line provides a secure tow line and it does not get in the way while swimming. It is easy to inflate and deflate using the one-way valve for inflation then undoing the whole valve for rapid deflation. Simply put in your items, roll over the top 3-4 times, secure the clip, then inflate both chambers. It takes only a few seconds.

GREAT VALUE – this tow buoy and dry bag in one offers fantastic value. It is of premium quality and has been tested (in some harsh conditions!) and is suitable for all ages and sizes, adults and kids.