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XLAB Gorilla Carbon Cage XT - Gloss

XLAB Gorilla Carbon Cage XT - Gloss

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2x the grip of the GORILLA CAGE Tightest gripping cage on the market with a massive 14lbs grip force Ideal for rear single bottle carriers & rear horizontal mounting Tall sides prevent tall bottles from falling out Fast & easy bottle insertion with specially designed interior. No more launching bottles with the GORILLA XT CAGE Get extreme grip and stop bottle launch with the XLAB Gorilla XT Cage. The unique design of the Gorilla XT bottle cage gives it 2-times the grip of the original Gorilla cage and is specifically designed for installation on rear mounted hydration systems. It has tall sides and a stiff top lip which grips a bottle with 14lbs of force. While the longer, thicker lower shelf keeps heavy bottles from falling through. Don't leave your hydration on the road, get the XLAB Gorilla XT Cage today.


•2-times the grip force of the original Gorilla cage

•Grips water bottle with 14 lbs. of force

•Tall sides plus stiff lip helps retain bottle

•Flared lip for fast insertion

•Thick lower shelf for heavy bottles

•Ideal for rear hydration systems

•Made from light-strong carbon fiber

•Weight: 49g

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