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CEP Wingtech Shirt, Short Sleeve, Women

CEP Wingtech Shirt, Short Sleeve, Women

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Wingtech Shirt - Improve Posture Enhance Performance Easily stand up (straight) to any challenge with the innovative Wingtech Shirt by CEP. The shirt’s unique design and the SMARTWINGTECH STRIPES stimulate specific points on your back that remind you to maintain your posture. This means you breathe easier, run smoother and train more effectively. Last but not least, maintaining an upright posture strengthens your back muscles with a lasting effect. * The unique design and effect of the SMART WINGSTRIPES provide sensorimotoric stimulation for better posture * Promotes an ergonomic posture, which facilitates breathing and increases body efficiency in sports * Helps prevent posture-related injuries for gentler training Suitable for: Athletes, Endurance Athletes, Fitness, Runner, Trail-Runner, Trekking Athlete, Triathletes, Athlete

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