CEP Pro+ Ultralight Calf Sleeve Black/Green Woman

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Ultra-light, ultra-effective - maximum performance

Ultra-thin, lightweight and breathable fabric
Ultra-light material with a perfect fit for unmatched wearing comfort and blister-free running
Targeted medi compression for more calf power

Passionate athletes know: Strong calves are key to EFFECTIVE TRAINING, which is why they rely on the Ultralight Calf Sleeves. The sleeves are made with ULTRA-THIN AND ULTRA-LIGHT, breathable medi compression fabric for a pleasant cooling effect on hot days. They fit perfectly for unmatched comfort with PROVEN COMPRESSION to stabilize your calves. What’s more, you can combine the sleeves with different socks like the Merino Low Cut Socks to match your mood or the temperature. Get the most power out of your legs and maximize your potential for maximum performance.

52 % polyamide, 25 % elastane, 23 % polypropylene


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