Difference between RS1 / 226 / Core

Difference between RS1 / 226 / Core

ORCA has a range of Triathlon apparel to choose from.  Decisions such as one-piece or two-piece tri-suits, sleeved or sleeveless, as well as the type of material - RS1, 226 or CORE are all very individual and personal choices.

Factors such as height & weight, body shape, sun protection and very importantly COMFORT & FIT can all help you decide which option is best for you. 

Orca has developed its aerodynamic products in a wind tunnel, testing the increased performance of the sleeved versus the sleeveless version and achieving a perfect fit. 

Whether racing long or short, or just for training, Orca has the Triathlon apparel you need. So no matter your distance, whether pro or a weekend warrior, Orca's Triathlon range has the right gear for you.

Below is a brief description of the 3 fabric options (Core, 226 & RS1):

RS1: - Maximum Performance

Its lightweight & flexible fabric will reduce water resistance and increase aerodynamics on the bike, increasing speed in both segments.  No pockets. 

Developed with the help of the best athletes in the world, the Dream Kona takes every detail from all three disciplines into account in order to offer you the greatest possible performance: maximum flexibility and hydrodynamics in the water, the best aerodynamic advantage both on the bike and while running on foot, and technical materials that reduce drag.


Made with Revolutional fabric, it is breathable and quick-drying, keeping you cool throughout the race.

The 226 suits have an Italian-made Tri-Tech 4mm chamois, with a density of 120 Kg/m3 is high quality and high performance, providing you with unprecedented comfort.  Maximum comfort while cycling without limiting your movement during the race.

This state-of-the-art technological Stretchskin fabric adjusts to your body like a second skin in order to provide you with the necessary muscular compression.

The fabric's hydrophobic treatment keeps the garment dry at all times, while providing UPF+50 sun protection.

The nanocrystal Vapour-Cool technology keeps your body cool and quickly wicks away sweat to keep you fresh and comfortable during the race.

Exclusive luxury Thermo-seal technology in the upper and lower body allows the suit to adjust perfectly to your arms and legs, preventing discomfort and chaffing.

The reflective design gives you extra visibility in the darkest hours.

The sleeved 226 Perform Aero Race Suit improves aerodynamics and has an exclusive opening system which allows you to save seconds during transitions and bathroom breaks.


The long-life Italian fabric is manufactured from LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ (80% recycled nylon), delivering a perfect fit and increased breathability, as well as greater resistance to wear and tear.

This light material dries quickly and delivers superior breathability, while its Orca Enduro water-repellent coating reduces drag through the water while swimming.

The 6mm, 120kg density Italian chamois pad, with an improved pressure line and an adjusted cut, offers advanced comfort on the bike.

Combined with a Soft Mesh rear panel, the side Vapour panels offer improved breathability and comfort where you most need it.

The elastic grip on the lower section keeps the shorts in place, giving you unequalled comfort.

The short-sleeved race suit has been specifically designed to offer you the best aerodynamic performance, along with great comfort, and the sleeves also provide extra sun protection.

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