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RECHARGE WETSUIT WASH, is odourless, colourless & highly effective in cleaning your wetsuit. It is a very safe product which will not cause any skin problems even should a percentage of the product be left on the wetsuit and come into contact with the skin.

Contains a non-ionic detergent/disinfectant which is one of the best known emulsifiers of oil and grease thus flushing away soil and fatty residues.

Completely non-corrosive and is safe on all surfaces.

Bio-degradable and will not harm the environment.

Direction for use:

Mix 20 to 40 ml of RECHARGE WETSUIT WASH into a shallow bath of water (enough to cover the wetsuit). Allow the wetsuit to soak for 5 min and rub any areas of the suit that have resistant marks (be sure not to rub too hard and damage the wetsuit). Remove from the water and rinse thoroughly under running water. Hang wetsuit inside-out to dry  on a broad plastic hanger out of direct sunlight.