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Optimal insulation, exceptional elasticity, unmatched comfort, enhanced durability.

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For making the most of the waves, the Tango 4:3, made with 100% Yamamoto neoprene, offers the highest level of elasticity and thermal insulation of its thickness category. Its 'front zip' construction with a YKK zipper creates the best possible seal in the neck without sacrificing freedom of movement in the shoulders. Yamamoto 40 neoprene is also incorporated into the shoulders and back for greater paddling mobility. A combination of Yamamoto 4 mm neoprene and Thermal X inner lining provides better thermal insulation in the torso, along with internally sealed seams.

THERMAL INSULATION Allowing you to enjoy the waves even at low temperatures, the Tango 4:3 combines 4 mm-thick Yamamoto neoprene in the lower torso with 3 mm neoprene in the upper body. This, together with the Thermal-X inner lining and the sealed seams with inner taping, provides you with maximum thermal insulation. Thanks to the Smoothskin finish on the wrists and neck, the wetsuit's seal prevents cold water from penetrating the interior of the suit.

MAXIMUM ELASTICITY The best Yamamoto materials, GBS seams, front zip construction and advanced pattern construction all provide you with maximum elasticity on the waves. Technologies such as DS 40+ are incorporated in the shoulders and back for unrestricted paddling.

COMFORT The elasticity of the materials and the advanced pattern make it easy to put on the wetsuit. The inner linings, such as Thermal-X, are also so pleasant to the touch that you will forget you are wearing a suit of this thickness.

DURABILITY The DuraSkin outer fabric, which is highly resistant to abrasion, guarantees the durability of the suit and will allow you to enjoy your surfing wetsuit and the waves for much longer. The inner taping also reinforces the seams and the Shield + panels in the knees prevent wear in such heavy-traffic areas.



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