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Effortless buoyancy with Orca Apex Float

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The Apex Float is a new (r)evolution of the Orca 3.8. The new Apex Float triathlon wetsuit is the most buoyant wetsuit in the Orca range. This wetsuit incorporates specific technologies for maximum buoyancy and correction of technique, helping swimmers who need support to maintain a hydrodynamic position in open water. It also incorporates highly elastic materials in the upper body, allowing for unrestricted swim strokes. With your purchase of this wetsuit, you will get a waterproof Mesh Backpack as a gift, perfect for carrying your wetsuit and swimming gear.

MAXIMUM BUOYANCY Whether you need to conserve energy or you're looking for extra support to help you maintain a proper body position in the water, the Apex Float is for you. The specific technologies included in this wetsuit maximize its buoyancy which helps correct your posture and swimming technique so that you can perform at your best.

MAXIMUM ELASTICITY The Apex Float wetsuit features materials like the Yamamoto 40 and the High Elbow Panel in the shoulder, arm, and back areas, resulting in a high level of elasticity in the upper body.

THERMAL INSULATION Thanks to the 3 mm thick material in the torso and 5 mm thick material in the legs, this wetsuit will protect you from low temperatures in the ocean during the swimming segment of your triathlons.

NEUTRAL BUOYANCY The distribution of materials of different thickness and its pattern give this wetsuit a neutral buoyancy. This keeps your body elevated in the water, so you can swim freely and maintain your technique at all times.

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