Ceramicspeed PF30 SRAM GXP Red Coated

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PF30 road bottom bracket shells are 68mm wide like BB30, but have a greater diameter, 46mm, so that bearings in cups can fit inside the shell. This kit contains all the parts you need to install a Quarq or SRAM 24/22mm spindle crank in a BB30 road or cyclocross bike.

The bundle comes with two cups and CeramicSpeed bearings installed. There are two choices. Standard and Coated. The both possess super smooth CeramicSpeed balls fitted in hardened-steel races. The Coated have an additional feature: a 3-micron thick metallic layer over the races. This addition makes the races smoother and harder, lowering drag and increasing life.

In The Box

  • 2 cups with bearings installed.
  • 2 dust covers.
  • GXP wave washer.
  • Spacer tube.
  • 10ml syringe of CeramicSpeed All Round Grease.
  • Sticker sheet.


The cups have extended sleeves, are joined via a spacer tube, reducing the likelihood of creaking and increasing the reliability, as well as protecting internal cabling from the 24/22mm crank spindle on SRAM and Quarq cranks.

The Standard Bearings have a friction cost 0.3-.04 watts per set, an average drag reduction of 75% compared to stock bb’s. The result of smart design: hardened-steel races, and ceramic balls that are 100% smoother and 15% harder than even the competition from fellow ceramic bearings. They also last longer.

Coated Bearings feature an even longer service life and feature even lower drag. Life increases by 60% and drag drops by 50% compared to our Standard.

All Round Grease is installed in the bearings. It can be replaced for lower drag TT and Track Grease, or higher durability LongLife Grease, which adds a bit of drag but stays in when riding through messy conditions.