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CEP Ortho Ankle Support Sock Black/Green Woman

CEP Ortho Ankle Support Sock Black/Green Woman

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For stabilization and ankle support

Anatomically shaped soft SMARTMEMORY FOAM pads protect the ankle and provide supportProprioceptive ankle and arch stabilization optimized for sportsIncreased blood flow in the foot and leg and reduced swelling thanks to medi compression

“Outrun” the risk of ankle injury with the Ankle Support Socks – or continue your usual training routine even if you suffer from minor ankle joint instability. The PERFECT ANATOMICAL FIT of the SMARTMEMORY FOAM PADS protects your ankle joint and gives you more support when you run. The targeted medi compression features a deep tissue MASSAGE EFFECT that significantly reduces swelling. And the compression effect activates your “SIXTH SENSE”– proprioception. This enhances your sense of position and your coordination so that everything goes “smoothly” when you train.

84% polyamide, 16% spandex

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