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Back Pack 10+2 Blue

Back Pack 10+2 Blue

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The Hydra packs are made mainly with polyester and nylon. A careful selection of the diverse variants of these materials results in waterproof, breathable and light products. The Hydra packs carry special, high-quality breathable and fast-dry fabrics in the areas where they come in contact with your body.

The Air Flow System (AFS) technology is designed for the heat to escape via the central air channel and prevents sweat from staying on the user’s body. The materials of the Hydra packs protect the main compartment from getting wet, which means the things you carry in it won’t get damaged.

The Hydra packs are anatomically crafted to fit your natural position and offer more comfort and easier access to the main compartment. They have three fastening points in the back, chest and waist for better fit and comfort during exercise.

The rain cover comes in handy in bad weather, protecting your stuff, offering improved visibility and making cleaning and maintenance easier.

The pockets in the Orbea Hydra packs can be accessed while riding. There’s a pocket separate from the hydration reservoir. In it you can carry everything you need to do sports. There’s also a pocket to carry tools, and two more side pockets for small things. The 10+2L pack features a fifth pocket to store electronic devices such as a mobile phone or a GPS, and has a headphone exit port. Magnetic fasteners to hold the anti-leak valve and tube. Straps to hold helmet and sticks. Rain cover and safety whistle. Extra pockets for trash, sunglasses and cellphone; exit port for headphones and reflective strips.

We’ve used ultralight materials to create a hydration solution for greater comfort during outdoor activity. Orbea is competition, and Hydra is no exception. Our backpacks can face any racing challenge you take up. The reservoir has a thermal case, a whistle and a label with mountain safety information.

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