Join us on our first ever Orca Swim Challenge!  With races being postponed, the objective of the swim challenge is for you to keep focused during these times, and have fun while you at it.  It's a time where you can challenge yourself, and your friends, and find out who ranks as Number One! 

There will be three challenges in the first series, the first is #Swim20Challenge where a total of 20,000 meters needs to be achieved in the month of February, that's a mere 714m per day for 28 days - easy peasy!  The second is #Swim30Challenge where a total of 30,000 meters needs to be achieved in March, that's just over 960 meters a day.  The third and final challenge in this series is the #OpenWaterChallenge and we will let you know more about this closer to the time.  Where you swim is up to you, just keep swimming!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and tag us on your swims! Use the following tags on all your social media swim posts: #OrcaSwimChallenge / #Swim40Challenge / #Swim50Challenge / #ChallengeYourself / #ChasingEpic / #RaisedInTheWater / #TheGreatOutdoors #ConfidenceToReachFurther

There will be awesome Orca spot prizes awarded throughout the challenge, all you need to do is to enter by 
clicking on this link and joining our Strava club and you're good to go! 

Best of all it's FREE, so the only thing you stand to lose is the weight you gained over hard lockdown!

We look forward to seeing you out there!

From all of us at Fluidlines