Wane Rossouw

Wane Rossouw

Growing up in Pietermaritzburg has a few positives, and a fistful of challenges.  The biggest challenege is that you aren’t the only one trying to escape the “sleepy hollow” School sports are competitive in the hope you will get selected to be part of a travelling sports team to distant cool places, like, Durban.

I participated in almost every sport possible, a) in the hope to make my parents proud and avoid the primary reason for going to school b) school sports were compulsory then c) polly shorts were the in thing and I was told I had good legs. After school activities involved BMX – possibly the start of my love for cycling.

A school teacher introduced me to a triathlon, a what? Being on the X-country team, cycling to and from school and being able to get across the neighbours pool qualified me. I was ready. Stone last in the swim, cycled in a vest and speedo, I managed to make up a few places in the run. Too much fun!!!  Let’s do it again.

The bug had bitten. I had no idea or reference to training plans, so I would just wing it each event. I spent all my pocket money entering events, fast forward, nothing much has changed.

Passionate about triathlon, outdoors and the lifestyle it affords me, I continue to participate in various sport types that allow me to challenge myself.  Career wise, I’m involved in the sport retail industry. I’m married, sorry boys, with three dogs and a cat. I’m incredibly spoilt to have my family be part of my sporting madness. 

Having been around a while, I’ve worked my way up from shorter sprint triathlon distant to the longer events. I’ve enjoyed many biking tours and ultra distant runs. I’ve managed to complete multiple half and full Ironman events, on and off road triathlon/duathlons. Saying all that, I’m incredibly fortunate to have also seen the sports grow over the past few years. I hope to be around, fit and healthy for a few more – maybe slower and more careful these days, but I’m there.



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