Balega Sponsorship

Prison Break Triathlon Announces Exciting New Partnership with Balega: Participants to Receive Free Balega Socks!

CAPE TOWN, 21 JULY 2023 – The Prison Break Triathlon is thrilled to unveil a collaboration with Balega, the leading brand known for creating exceptional running socks that deliver unmatched excellence in fit, feel and performance. As part of this exciting partnership, the first 500 entrants will receive an exclusive gift – a free pair of high-quality Balega socks!

Balega is not just a brand; it is a pursuit of perfection. Rooted in the passion for creating 'wow' moments, each pair of Balega socks is crafted with an unwavering commitment to research, design and durability, utilising the highest quality yarns. The Balega Difference is evident in every thread, every seam, and every meticulous detail.

What sets Balega running socks apart is their relentless dedication to performance. These socks are built to perfection, incorporating extra fine yarn on high needle count machines, providing plush and protective cushioning without adding bulk. To ensure an exceptional wearing experience, every pair of socks is hand-linked for a fully seamless design. The proprietary moisture management fibre, Drynamix™, wicks away moisture, keeping feet cool, dry, and irritation-free even during the most strenuous workouts.

Innovation lies at the heart of Balega, with designs shaped by the needs of the runners themselves. Countless hours of research and wear testing go into creating each sock, tailored to withstand the demands of those who push themselves to the limit. All of this is achieved while maintaining a deep sense of responsibility to the environment, as Balega actively uses post-consumer plastic waste to produce their moisture-wicking yarn, Drynamix™, promoting sustainability without compromising performance.

Comfort is at the core of every Balega sock. The brand revolutionised the running market by introducing a 200-needle thread count sock that is both plush and protective, without sacrificing mobility. Each sock features a deep heel pocket, ensuring a secure fit to prevent slippage, while the seamless toe design eliminates irritation, providing the utmost comfort kilometre after kilometre.

Moreover, Balega's commitment to quality is unparalleled, with every single pair of socks undergoing rigorous inspection. Balega's dedicated quality inspection team hand-inspects each and every pair to ensure they meet the brand's highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. 

The partnership between Prison Break Triathlon and Balega is a celebration of the shared values of dedication, innovation and excellence. All participants of the upcoming Prison 

Break Triathlon have the unique opportunity to experience the Balega Difference firsthand, as the first 500 entrants will be gifted with a complimentary pair of these extraordinary socks.