XLAB Torpedo System 400

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The XLAB TORPEDO SYSTEM is the cutting-edge of aerodynamics, combined with ultralight design and state-of-the-art ergonomics...your next hydration system is here passionately developed over a four-year period with Ironman World Champions, Aerospace Engineering, CFD Analysis and the experience from 27 World Triathlon Titles.

Easy to Drink & Refill
•Straw •2 straw positions along with cage & mount adjustments allows for perfect straw location.
•Included bite valve allows for fluid intake only, no air intake which causes bloating.
•Bite valve keeps fluid at top of straw for faster drinking.

Refilling & Replacing Options
•Solid Refill Lid is ideal for adding powder, tablets and fluid.
•Slotted Refill Lid is ideal for adding tablets and fluid.
•Refill area is located behind the computer allowing you to keep the computer screen clean & clear!
•The TORPEDO BOTTLE can be moved to another XLAB cage on your bike so you can use standard bottles or bottles from an aid station.

Bottle Design & Features
•One piece body ensures no leaking!
•Bottle made in the USA and is lead free, BPA-Free and HDPE food safe certified
•TRUE 26 oz bottle capacity (768 mL)

Aerodynamically Invisible
Proven aerodynamically invisible by 5x WORLD CHAMPION Craig Alexander & Mat Steinmetz at the Velodrome, June 2013.
•Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) airflow optimized and velodrome aero testing approved.
•Bottle body design •Contoured design to fit your arm shape.
•Small frontal area that allows a clean airflow around the bottle.
•Kamm tail. Reduces drag by 50%
•Airflow straighteners designed into the bottle to gather airflow for a clean, straight exit air flow.
•Flush lids reduce drag.
•Spacers - allows you to adjust the bottle to the height of your arms resulting in zero crosswind drag.
•Dolphin tail designed straw retainer - allows you to fold the straw flat. Directs air over the straw. Saves up to 100 grams of straw drag.
•Computer mounted in front of the bottle, not on top which increases aero drag.

Easy Computer Viewing
Why mount a computer behind your line of sight? The TORPEDO SYSTEM is designed to have the computer mounted in front of the bottle. Look down with your eyes and not your head!

Easier to Handle in Winds
The TORPEDO SYSTEM was designed to mount further back allowing easier steering for the rider
•Weight is moved back off aerobar extensions. Up to 4 inches (100 mm) of adjustment.
•TORPEDO BOTTLE extends uniquely beyond the rear of the cage to help move weight back.

Versatile Sturdy Mounting
When you want a sturdy, reliable hydration source, trust XLAB!
•Uses XLAB’s proven 4 Strap System
•Fits bars 80mm – 130mm center to center
•No tools required for easy removal
•Uses Carbon Fiber TORPEDO CAGE

The XLAB TORPEDO SYSTEM is up to 100 grams lighter than others on the market!
TORPEDO SYSTEM 400 – 170 grams typical

Extremely Inclusive
The TORPEDO SYSTEM comes with a variety of components allowing versatility for any rider!
The entire system includes:
•Bottle & Bottle Accessories: Bottle body, Straw, Bite Valve, Aero Straw Retainer, Solid Lid, Slotted Lid, Spare Straw Hole Plug.
•Bottle Cage
•Mounting Accessories: TORPEDO MINI MOUNT, Height Adjustable Spacers, 4 XTS Mounting Straps.
•Computer Mount: Popular AERO COMPUTER MOUNT
•All the necessary hardware and detailed installation instructions.

We have found the following computers and power meters to be compatible with the TORPEDO SYSTEM. As a general rule, the TORPEDO SYSTEM will fit computers that are smaller than 1 3/8" in length, measured from the center of the mount to the edge of the computer facing the bottle. If yours is not on here or you have questions on compatibility please contact us. Note: Due to extra wire lengths needed, wired computers are not recommended with this system.

•Strada Wireless
•Stealth GPS

•Joule GPS
•Joule - 1st generation
•PowerTap LYC

•310XT – Need Garmin Quick Release Kit #010-11215-02
•910XT – Need Garmin Quick Release Kit #010-11215-03
•920XT - Need Garmin Quick Release Kit #010-11251-48

•Cyclometer Wireless

•Cycle Trainer 2.0

Computers that will not work with included Mini Mount and will require a separate computer mount, i.e. barfly-type Garmin
•Forerunners that require Garmin Bike Mount #010-11029-0

•Power Control

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