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XLAB System Delta Sonic XL

XLAB System Delta Sonic XL

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Fits seat posts with 10 mm horizontal hole.

The only single bottle carrier compatible with 10mm horizontal hole seatposts!
•Ideal for rear-ward saddle positions or long backed saddles. .8 longer than standard DELTA SONIC
•Strong and sturdy mount eliminates rear carrier sway
•GORILLA XT CAGE has a tight 14lb grip on bottles eliminating unexpected launches.
•Carry your repair with the optional MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER

Made specifically for Ritchey clamp seat posts found on the Cervelo P5, Scott Plasma, and Kestrel triathlon bikes, the XLAB Delta Sonic XL Rear hydration system has a .8 longer Delta Sonic carrier rod, so it'll work behind almost all types of saddles and saddles that are situated farther back. The simple stainless steel construction is quick and easy to attach. The Delta Sonic XL features a XLAB Gorilla XT cage, which will put your bottles in a choke hold so they can't go jumping out and bouncing down the road behind you. If you're looking for a rear hydration system that is simple and secure, the Delta Sonic XL is the answer.

•Delta Sonic XL Rear Carrier (.8 longer than the Delta Sonic)
•Gorilla XT Cage
•Hardware and instructions

Shipping weight: 2.0 lbs.

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