XLAB Bottle Aqua Shot Racing

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Unique time saving racing bottle with high flow squeeze valve and 4 oz graduations.

•Not your ordinary water bottle
•Fast, easy hydration with a simple squeeze & squirt
•Self-sealing nozzle prevents leakage & quickens replacement times
•Control your hydration intake with accurate calibrations
•BPA Free & Bio-degradeable to keep you & the environment healthy

Faster drinking

•Special fast flow silicone valve.
•Automatically flows when you squeeze.
•Self seals when you stop squeezing.
•No biting or pulling of valves.
•Unlike other squeeze bottles, valve is not exposed to dust or contamination.
•Drink up to 4 ozs in 7 seconds.

Controlled Hydration
•Clear bottle enables easy viewing of contents.
•Graduations every 4ozs helps control rate of hydration.
•Large 25oz (740ml) capacity is great for an hour of riding.

Easier to Use •Mounts vertically or horizontally. Won't leak.
•Continuous ½ inch deep neck groove helps cages keep the bottle in place.
•Shoot into helmet vents for rapid cool down.
•Can be used for carbonated beverages.
•Dishwasher top shelf safe.
•Fill ¾ full and freeze for a cooler drink.

Safe Materials
•BPA-Free material that keeps your drink tasting great.
•BIODEGRADABLE. Utilizing the latest in bio-chemical engineering, XLAB now offers biodegradable bottles! This is achieved by using a revolutionary additive, EcoPure, to the LDPE plastic during the molding process. The complete biodegradation process takes approximately 1-5 years.
•MEDICAL grade silicone for the fast flow valve.

Material: Taste free. BPA Free Polyethylene
Weight: 70g
Warranty: 3 year. Because of our engineering and testing for this product we give it a 3 Year LIMITED Warranty to the original owner.