XLAB Stealth Pocket 500

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For superbikes with cables in top tubes and with two top tube screw inserts.

Form follows function with the XLAB Stealth Pocket 500. Its aero design reduces drag and the airfoil shape moves air cleanly around the bag. It holds your necessities in a storage compartment that's 23.2 cubic inches (380cc) in volume. And the silver interior reflects heat while the insulated sides keep your nutrition cool. The Stealth 500 uses a direct-mount system which screws into the bike's integrated top tube bolt bosses putting it easily within reach. Plus the on-handed super-slide zippers with rubber pulls make it a breeze to access your goodies quickly. Get the XLAB Stealth Pocket 500 and you'll have what you need, when you want it!

Features & Benefits:

•Actually reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers

•Airfoil shape provides clean air flow around bag

•Same width as head tube therefore no increase in frontal area

•Perfect 5:1 Ratio for lowest possible drag

•Super smooth low skin friction exterior reduces drag

•Non slip surfaces underneath, grip top tube

•Direct mount into integrated top tube bolt bosses with reliable non-seizing steel screws, and sturdy plastic insert

•Located within easy reach while riding

•Non slip dual rubber zipper pulls so you can open from either end

•One handed Super-Slide zippers

•Can carry 6 gels

•Mount behind stem on integrated top tube bolt bosses

•Silver colored interior makes it easier to see contents.

•Can store the longest energy bars

•Volume 23.2 cu.ins (380 cc)

•Insulated sides keep your nutrition cooler •

Silver interior helps reflect heat away

•Mounting hardware included

•Weight: 2.7oz (76g)

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