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Hydrate & Perform powder is an isotonic drink mix for exercise that meet hydration needs or sportsmen and women by providing: - Good hydration: the isotonic formula provides faster hydration and optimal gastric drainage. Drunk before exercise, it optimises fluid stocks before the start. Then, during exercise, it helps to improve performance and endurance, to limit the risks of gastro-intestinal problems and finally to allow better recovery after exercise. Antioxydant vertues thanks to vitamins C, E and zinc, which contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. It is also rich in vitamin B1.

Recommended consumption: While warming up (150 ml every 15 min) and regularly during and after exercise (up to 2 hours after exercise) (150 ml every 15 min). Procedure for preparing a portion: dilute 3 measuring spoons in 500 ml of water.

Sucrose, glucose syrup, acidifier: citric acid, sodium citrate, maltodextrin, calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, sodium chloride, natural lemon aroma with other natural flavors, magnesium carbonate, vitamins: C and thiamine (B1). May contain: milk, barley, soya.

For hydration control, endurance increase & recovery optimisation
ideal for intensive or long loads
recommended for sports activities at high temperatures

taste: sweet
product type: powder
Nutrition form: vegetarian
Ingredients: carbohydrates, vitamins / minerals
Intended usage: during sport, after sport
Average nutritional values (per 100 ml/g)
Calories/energy in kcal: 374
Calories in kJ: 1590
Fat: 0 g/ml
Of which saturates: 0 g/ml
Carbohydrates: 88 g/ml
Sugars: 70 g/ml
Salt: 2.8 g/ml
Egg white: 0 g/ml