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SUSTAINED ENERGY & HYDRATION - An isotonic drink purposely designed to meet the needs of endurance athletes. The unique blend of fast & slow release carbohydrates delivers a sustained source of energy. The inclusion of sodium and anti-oxidants ensure optimal muscle functioning. Optimal hydration Sustained energy supply Reduces oxidative stress Assists cramp prevention Easily absorbed, gentle on the stomach Unsweetened taste

Maltodextrins, Sugar; Colourings: Beet red and Beta-carotene; Acidifier: citric acid; Flavouring; Sodium citrate, Sodium chloride, Vitamins C, E and B1

Unit 100g 500ml

Energy value Kcal 384 303

Energy value Kj 1631 1288

Proteins g 0 0 C

Carbohydrates g 95 75.1

of which sugars g 0 0

Lipids g 0 0

of which saturated g 0 0

Fibre g 0 0

Sodium mg 200 160

Vitamin E mg 11.4 9.0

Vitamin C mg 76 60

Vitamin B1 mg 1.1 0.87