HIGH5 Protein Recovery Chocolate Sachets

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Protein Recovery is the ultimate drink to use after exercise and it's the choice of professionals. The whey isolate used in protein recovery is a source of high-quality proteins. Proteins contribute to muscle development and maintenance. Protein Recovery also contains carbohydrates

The choice of professionals to use after exercise
Contains whey protein isolates (BCAA). Proteins contribute to muscle development and maintenance
Delicious and light taste, mix with water or milk

Mix 1 package in 400 to 800ml of water or milk. Shake well to mix.
Consume immediately after exercise
You can consume an extra 400-800ml before you go to sleep

Dextrose, whey protein isolate 30% ( Milk ), maltodextrin, fructose, cocoa powder, natural flavors (chocolate, vanilla, cream), stabilizer (E407), emulsifier (Lecithin of Soy ).