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High5 ProteinHit Peanut & Caramel

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Packed with flavour and nutritious goodness for an energising boost, Protein Hit is your healthy snack for on the go. With no added sugar.

Today’s busy society is crafty; it often catches us off guard. But, what if you were prepared? What if you could grab a mouthwatering snack that gives you the nourishment your body craves?

Well it’s here, in a convenient gluten free ball, suitable for vegetarians. Lovingly moulded with the highest quality ingredients, Protein Hit provides you with a balanced mix of protein, fats and carbohydrates ensuring you can stay switched on, even when you’re running on empty.

The Hit balls contain whey protein which gives your body the ‘Protein Hit’ it needs! Not only is protein a building block for muscle growth and maintenance, it also contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.
Satisfy your hunger with HIGH5’s cold pressed protein ball.

Peanut & Caramel
This ball is for the nut lover. Enjoy snacking on a crunchy mix of goodness and with a touch of salty caramel, it will leave you wanting more. This energising Peanut & Caramel ball will set you up for the day, whether that’s a big session in the gym or a day out.

Healthy snack with whey protein
Fruits and nuts for both fast and slow releasing energy
Natural Ingredients: No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners
Gluten Free, suitable for vegetarians
No added sugar