High5 4:1 EnergySource Sachets

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High5 Energy Source 4:1 (47g)

Energy Source 4:1 is an all-in-one sports drink. Use during and after exercise. It contains 4 doses of carbohydrates for 1 dose of whey protein isolate and key electrolytes. Use 4:1 when you know you are going to participate in an intense or long workout, such as a training camp.

The choice of professionals for difficult training and endurance tests over several days.
Contains whey protein isolates (with BCAA). Proteins contribute to muscle development and maintenance
Contains carbohydrates with electrolytes for better endurance
Race proven in the World’s toughest events
Carbohydrate content of 4:1 is 2:1 of fructose
Light and refreshing taste
Proven efficacy in the world's toughest endurance tests
Contains natural aromas. Without artificial dyes, preservatives or sweeteners

The ingredients contained in 4:1 help maintain optimum performance during a prolonged exercise and help to stay hydrated by promoting the absorption of water. Whey isolate is a source of high quality protein. Proteins contribute to the development and maintenance of the mass Muscle. This makes it possible to have stronger and more resistant muscles. After exercise, your muscles are often low in glycogen (carbohydrates).

Consuming carbohydrates helps to recover a muscular function Normal after an intensive exercise.

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