Ceramicspeed UFO chain 11s

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Worthy of championship performances, the CeramicSpeed UFO Chains is a chain for all riders that want to save between 2-5 watts on a competition day. Compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campy Xs 11s systems this is a superior chain developed for racing purposes.

The CeramicSpeed UFO Chain has been developed for unmatched racing performance and is intended for race-day applications. After approximately 320 km/200 miles of use under clean riding conditions, the chain features traces of the optimisation treatment, so even if the number of saved watts decreases, you will still be riding a high quality chain.

Be aware that the UFO treatment is not optimised for wet and muddy conditions, which might cause corrosion on the chain. Read more about maintenance here.

All chains are carefully selected from the highest quality suppliers allowing us to create the ultimate performance products and meeting the demands of the most competitive athletes. The CeramicSpeed products are seeking to optimise the performance of every rider. A full upgrade containing CeramicSpeed UFO Chains will keep on counting the watts saved thanks to the lowest friction the entire CeramicSpeed product range offers.
Squirt lube is the most suitable lube for the maintenance of your optimised chain after the optimisation treatment wears off. CeramicSpeed has selected Squirt as the recommended lube thanks to its unique abilities to extend the chain lifetime and due to its extremely low friction. When using Squirt, after the 320 km/200 miles, please follow the instructions written on the lube bottle. Note that the huge watts saving of 2-5 watts is achieved within the first 320 km/200 miles interval of the racing chain and cannot be expected at the same level after the UFO treatment is worn off.

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