Ceramicspeed PW alloy SRAM 11s Red

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With longevity 3-4 times longer than steel bearings, the ceramic ball bearings used in the SRAM 11-Speed Alloy Pulleys from CeramicSpeed offers the lowest friction, fastest spinning pulley wheels available. CeramicSpeed bearings reduce friction and improve power transfer while saving you precious watts. CeramicSpeed bearings are handmade in Denmark to the highest quality standards for longer life and superior performance. Their ceramic balls are rounder, harder, smoother, stiffer, lighter and more durable than any other steel or ceramic balls on the market. Pro Teams and professional athletes agree, CeramicSpeed offers the very best high-performance pulley wheels for training and racing. The SRAM 11-Speed Alloy Pulleys from CeramicSpeed will have you "off the front" without even trying.

Product Specs:
•Material: Aluminum
•Rear derailleur: SRAM 11-Speed
•This product comes with a 4 year warranty from CeramicSpeed
•Package contains 2 pulley wheels, oil and sticker sheet
•Handmade in Denmark, CeramicSpeed bearings outperform anything else on the market

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