When entering the prison your vehicle will be searched at the main gate. All you need to do is open your boot. You will then continue straight on the top road until you reach the parking area.


Once you have parked, you will follow the markings toward transition. Where there will be coffee, food and toilets.


Please remember! In order to check in and be eligible to race you need to have your helmet on your head and fastened. Once you've been check you can continue into transition and setup your gear. Please be mindful of your fellow competitors and only use the amount of space you've been allocated.

NB! If your helmet has a crack or does not fit you will not be allowed to race. 



The swim will be a mass start for each event, if you are uncomfortable with being in the washing machine please start on the sides or wait for everyone to go in before you. We want everyone to enjoy and finish their race 😊


You will be riding on the access road for the prison and turn just before the access road and main road meet. Marshalls will be there to tell you to slow down for the turn.

Route Profile

Elevation Gain/Loss: 95m/-94m


For the Mini Escape, the bike leg will leave the prison grounds and follow the road beside the dam, avoiding the main road connection between Rawsonville and Worcester via Nekkies.

The Maxi participants, on the other hand, will turn left onto the main road, heading towards Rawsonville. At the first bridge, they will turn left onto Louwshoek Boontjiesrivier Road, proceeding straight to the T-junction, where they will turn left again, forming a triangular route. This will be repeated twice, and on the second completion, cyclists will face oncoming traffic on the 650m stretch back to the road leading into the prison along the dam.


Elevation Gain/Loss: 210m/-214m 


The run route is a simple out and back. From transition you will follow the route marked with arrows and head toward the maximum security ward where there will be a water and turning point. The mini does 1 lap and the maxi does 2. 

Route Profile

Elevation Gain/Loss:

Mini: 36m / -35m

Maxi: 72m / -70m