Harbour 2 Harbour


proudly presents the Harbour2Harbour swim, taking place in Gordons Bay, a picturesque coastal village, nestled at the foot of the Hottentots Holland Mountains and the False Bay Coast.  There will be a choice of 3 events; a 1.6km, 3km, and a 4x 400m relay swim.

1.6km Swim
The Harbour2Harbour 1.6km swim starts at Gordon's Bay Harbour at 09h00. All swimmers are to be assembled by 08:30am with race briefing at 08:45am. Bags will be provided for your clothing.  Please ensure that the bag is tagged with your race number so that when you arrive at Harbour Island you are able to identify & collect it. The swim will begin in the Gordon's Bay Harbour in line with the Orca buoys. The route is out of the harbour and a direct route across to the mouth of Harbour Island and finishes at the slipway.

3km Swim
The Harbour2Harbour 3km swim starts at 09h00 from Harbour Island. All swimmers are to be ready at 08:30am with race briefing at 08:45am. The swim starts in the water in line with the Orca buoys out through the Harbour mouth towards Gordon's Bay Harbour and continues in a clockwise direction back to Harbour Island. The finish is at the slipway. The 3km is a SSA sanctioned event and FINA Rules will apply.

4x 400m Relay
The Harbour Island canal relay starts at 10h30 in front of the Krystal Beach hotel on the water side. Each team will consist of 4 people each completing one lap of 400 meters. The teams will assemble on the deck, with the team member who is swimming next waiting on the jetty to take over from the swimmer. The swim is in a clockwise direction around the Island. The teams must make up their own names, eg. Racing snakes, etc.

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