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The much anticipated Jailbreak triathlon was held at the Slanghoek, Breedeland Cellar, an awesome venue that must be rated as one of the most beautiful locations for a triathlon.  To be surrounded by mountains and vineyards certainly makes for a beautifully picturesque triathlon. My goal was to go as hard as I can in all of the disciplines, I’ve never really pushed myself as I like to be comfortable in my race, however, this time round I was getting used to being comfortably uncomfortable – especially on the run.  The swim was comprised of two loops in the dam with...

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After IronMan South Africa 2015, I took a break from training and triathlon, but the bug had never left me and I decided the inaugural Cape Ultra triathlon would be my first triathlon I’d race.  Winter training is not for me, I don’t do cold and rain very well so my training certainly was not up to standard, in fact I never cycled during the week and only on weekends when the weather was decent.  I did however brave the cold and rain for my runs, that wasn’t too bad as I knew I wouldn’t have to face the possibility...

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Sebastian Kienle showed his true Ironmind quality at Ironman Frankfurt on the weekend staying cool, calm and collected as he came back from a 4min deficit in the swim and a mechanical issue just when he had caught up on the bike, to take the win and become the2016 Ironman European Champion. A non-wetsuit swim was declared on race morning for the pros, meaning that the better swimmers would have more of an advantage (as well as those carrying a bit more body coverage for warmth!) than a wetsuit swim. With Kienle exiting the water in 52:12 - four minutes down...

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